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Breath Of The Dying

2010-03-31 12:37:02 by Baralku

Yesterday I received my first kiss. It was the most glorious moment of my life, one that I won't forget willingly. Her name was, and still is: Mandy. I've dreamt about her every day for the past fourteen months, and it was only last week that I bucked up the courage to ask her out on a date. I invited her to a disco on the 30th (yesterday). There wasn't a disco planned for that date at the time, I just couldn't think of anywhere to take her.
So I asked my mom if she could help me arrange a disco for the 30th, I told her all about Mandy, and she couldn't refuse, she was more excited than I was. The disco was a BIG success, all of my family turned up from all over the neighbourhood. My best friend came too. My best friend Hank is half my age, but sometimes it feels like hes only a couple of years younger than me!
When mandy came I wasted no time in asking her to dance (I'm quite a good dancer so I felt very confident). When we danced it felt like her and I were frozen in time, I couldn't relieve my eyes off hers, and I'm sure she felt the same. it was agony, it took every ounce of my moral fibre to stop me from making love to her right there on the dance floor. Toward the end of the song, I held her head in my left hand, brushed her hair back with my right and kissed her softly like you would a new bicycle. All of my family applauded, my mom was crying with pride, joy and gratitude. It was beautiful.

Breath Of The Dying


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2010-03-31 12:48:40

Beautiful story if only u were gay, OH wait u r HAHAHAHAHAHA

Baralku responds:

Thanks man.


2010-03-31 13:08:03

"....kissed her softly like you would a new bicycle?"
also, you were dreaming.

Baralku responds:



2010-04-16 15:56:12

Well good luck with the chick dude,if she is real.

Baralku responds:

Haha, thanks man.


2010-04-16 20:07:26

funny shit dick head hahahahahahahahaha, but seriously funny shit.

Baralku responds:



2010-05-03 03:31:16

Ur best mate is a 10 year old?!?!?!?!?! Kissed her like you would a new bicycle?! Dude this isn't just fake,it's bullshit!!!


2010-05-30 14:45:14

haha you crazy mofo like a yoyo, gotta love it! :D


2011-06-16 06:35:08

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